Purchase the Full Version of Infinite Warrior on the App Store. Download the FREE Rogue Edition on the App Store. Download the FREE Rogue Edition on the App Store.
★ TouchArcade 4/5 ★ "...Infinite Warrior isn't subtle or deep, it's a game about being badass and making it look easy... ★ AppAdvice 4/5 ★ "...The graphics for this universal game are outstanding. The gameplay is simple..." ★ AppTudes ★ ”…A great purchase for casual action fans in the mood for some brutal hack-and-slash gameplay.” ★ CrankyGamers UK ★ "...It’s a novel idea that’s done well but I have a feeling updates could make this game go from good to quite possibly great." ★ Ireviewt 4/5 ★ " Infinite Warrior is a endless runner with a innovative game mechanics that will appeal to players with impressive visuals and intuitive swipe controls." ★ Slide to Play 3/4 ★ "...it’s certainly worth a look for its visually rewarding, fantasy-style take on the endless runner genre."
Play the next generation of Endless Runner with a twist of RPG with INFINITE WARRIOR. In the fantasy world of Infinite Warrior you fight an epic battle against an endless onslaught of bloodthirsty enemies. Unleash Hell by performing swift, well-timed finger swipes at opponents and be rewarded with gold, loot and gritty over-the-top 3D animations recorded by Hollywood fight coordinators. Wage War on 7 unique and visually breathtaking battlefields, in full 3d with Retina graphics. Use collected cash to purchase fantastic new weapons and hardy armor to both customize and improve your hero. Call in fearsome dragons to trigger "Head-Start" power-up and find ways to boost your score and best your friends on four different leaderboards while striving to become the ultimate Infinite Warrior! Watch the Trailer

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