December 1, 2014


We are proud to announce Empty Flask Games new title, Infinite Warrior: BattleMage.


Taking place in the Infinite Warrior's universe, IW: BattleMage is an unique mix of Tower Defense and action RPG elements.

Stay tuned for an official release date, sometimes in December.


Both Android and IOS versions will be released simultaneously.


In the meantime, for more information, please visit the game's page.



February 7, 2014


Pénombre was announced! Empty Flask Games new title will release very soon for both Android and IOS platforms, simultaneously.


New trailer can be seen by clicking this link:


For more information about the game, check the game’s page.



May 01, 2013


Starship Battles was announced!  New Trailer can be seen on the Starship Battles page.



March 21, 2013


Infinite Warrior Rogue Edition was released!


Try the free version of Infinite Warrior on the iTunes Store page by clicking this link.



September 07, 2012


Infinite Warrior was released !


Check out the official press release.


You can purchase the game and get more information on the Infinite Warrior page.


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